Create a Lasting Impression When You Take Care of Your Skin

Create a Lasting Impression When You Take Care of Your Skin
Wellness trends have pushed men's efforts to look good beyond hair restoration and body building at the gym. Diet, hydration and rest are advanced skin care strategies for men to take the best impressions of themselves everywhere they go.

These products make men more attractive.

Men tend to stock cologne, hair gel and shaving cream but little else in the cosmetic arena. To look younger and more attractive sooner, men must invest in some extras.
  • Sunscreen protects against cancer-causing UV rays and prevents or lessens age spots.
  • Facial moisturizer gives a boost to dull, lifeless complexions.
  • Eye gel or cream treats dark circles and puffiness that give a tired look even when you feel your best.
  • Hand cream can make the difference between an awkward, rough handshake and a friendly, confident first impression.

Men are what they eat.

The skin is the largest organ. Along with the eyes and tongue, it is among the fastest and most reliable exterior indicators of general health. So mens ski care should start with a balanced diet of vegetables, fruit and protein.

These foods naturally increase attractiveness.

  • Salads and dark leafy greens like spinach release chlorophyll, which cleans and whitens teeth.
  • Citrus like oranges, grapefruit and pineapple promote the production of collagen which plumps up wrinkles.
  • Wild-caught salmon, tuna and cod deliver Omega-3 fatty acids to combat dry, lifeless complexions.

Skin is mostly water.

The fountain of youth spills water and mens ski care depends on it. More than the recommended eight cups daily insures internal organs have the hydration they need with plenty left over for the skin. Hydrated skin is also more resistant to cuts and breaks.

Men need beauty rest too.

Climbing career ladders and winning the races can backfire into a bad impression when exhaustion leaves men barely able to stand, and looking like it. Like more water, more sleep is another simple way to get men looking younger.

Yet the culture tells men to burn out in the name of success. More rested men are more attractive men, and also more productive and focused men.

Avoid sabotage with some skin care basics.

All the protein, water and rest in the world can not make more attractive men if they drink, smoke or ignore professional grooming. These bad habits reverse the outcomes of all the efforts above. Instead, men will better maintain boyish good looks with time-tested advice.
  • Professional beard care and haircuts outshine DIY efforts, plus prevent unsightly conditions such as razor bumps.
  • Infrequent alcohol cuts off ugly signs of heavy drinking like dark circles, yellowed eyes and even tooth loss.
  • A nonsmoking lifestyle means whiter teeth, fresher breath and less wrinkly skin.
These easy investments and efforts get men looking younger at any age. Even better, they keep men looking healthier too.