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About Us

Way way back, Angela and Chris were sitting at the Cheesecake Factory and Angela said, “I wish I could get my husband to use skin care products, but he just won’t. Too many skin care brands make him think he feels like a natural woman.”

And Chris said, “Yeah, the names are not gender neutral at all. For some men, you need to have a more masculine name. Something Manly.”

“Yeah, like CHET Manly.”

Just for kicks, Chris bought the domain name

Fast forward several years, and times have changed and more and more men are interested in looking good and taking care of their skin. And many had the same complaint: product names were still overly gendered, packaging was overly gengered, scents were all floral, and they still didn’t feel great about the products.

So Chris went on the hunt for the best products for men, and had them specially formulated with the highest quality, natural ingredients, without any added scents or colors. The results were products that could be used by anyone to look and feel their best and opened Chet Manly in Houston, Texas.

And then there was Chet Manly - now a cheeky name to poke fun at over gendered and sexualized marketing, while providing customers what we believe to be the best products on the market.