A Good Mens Skin Care Foundational Routine

Men's skincare routine
For a long time, skincare has been aimed at women as a way to stay looking "fresh and youthful." However, washing and moisturizing your face is an important aspect of personal hygiene no matter what gender you are. Taking a little time to pamper yourself shows that you care about your appearance, and that you are mature enough to take good care of yourself. For men looking to start taking better care of their skin, there are a few basics to know before you begin.

A cleanser is the first thing to look for. The range of mens face wash options seems to be smaller than women's, but something like the Manly Daily Face Cleanser is a great choice. The most important thing to remember when selecting a facial wash is what end goal you have in mind. If you are dealing with acne and clogged pores, something with salicylic acid, glycolic acid, or benzoyl peroxide could be what you need to help eliminate pimples. If you're just looking for a basic cleanser to remove the dirt and oil of the day, something gentle and made without harsh chemicals is good.

When you wash your face, it is best to start by splashing warm water on your skin to open your pores. In the shower is a good place because the steam and warm water will prepare your face for the cleanser. After wetting your skin, take a quarter-sized amount of your cleanser, and begin rubbing it gently all over your face in circular motions. Try to just use the tips of your fingers instead of scrubbing with your whole palm. The skin in certain areas of the face is delicate, so excessive pressure can irritate it. Make sure to get around your nose, up to your hairline, and even around your ears to remove all built-up dirt, oil, or hair products. When cleansing, a mens skin care routine can be a little different from a woman's for a few reasons.
First, many women wear make-up, so they often have to do the "double cleanse" method to remove all residue while men do not. Second, women typically don't have to worry about washing facial hair like a man might. If you do have a beard or mustache, remember to clean it with cleanser just like you would the rest of your face. You may even want to give your facial hair a little extra scrub, because dry skin and oil can get trapped in the follicles and cause pimples or irritation. Always make sure to thoroughly rinse the product once you've cleansed. While they are meant to help your skin, face washes can become drying and irritating if left on the skin for long periods of time.

Exfoliation is the next step of skincare that men often do not know much about. Exfoliants can be broken down in to two basic types- chemical exfoliants, which use acids or enzymes to break down old skin cells, and physical exfoliants, which involve the use of some kind of abrasive, such as sugar or a scrub brush, to remove dead skin. Both work, but physical exfoliants need to be used very gently in order to prevent damage to the skin. A good exfoliant for men would be the Manly Excelsior Exfoliant. It is best not to exfoliate every day, or even every other day, as it can cause irritation to the skin. The general rule is to pick one or two days per week to exfoliate after you have washed your face.

After you have washed and exfoliated, the last step is to lock in hydration. There are dozens of different types of moisturizers, from oils to acne-treating creams. For the most part, you can stick to a basic mens moisturizer with sunscreen. Even if you think you have very oily skin, some kind of hydration is still important to prevent signs of aging. As for the sunscreen part, use it every morning. SPF is vital in protecting your skin from UV rays, even on cloudy days or in the winter. To make it easy, use a mens moisturizer with sunscreen already built in, like the Manly Sun Ray Protector & Moisturizing Cream. It will help keep your skin looking soft and smooth while also preventing sunburn and aging. When applying your moisturizer, make sure to get all over your face and down onto the neck. The neck is easy to forget, but it can become dry just like the skin on your face. Try to use your lotion every morning and every night, especially during the drier months.

Now that you have the basic steps of a mens skin care routine, you can go and start figuring out what works best for you. Some people like to wash their face twice a day, and some like to just do it once. You can also adjust the amount of product that you use if you find out you are using to much or not enough. The important thing to remember is that skin care is not just for women. If using a mens face wash or an exfoliant for men is what you need to feel good, stick with that. As long as you spend a little time treating your skin, you will look great for years to come.