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Article: The Art of Manscaping: A Comprehensive Guide by Chet Manly

The Art of Manscaping: A Comprehensive Guide by Chet Manly
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The Art of Manscaping: A Comprehensive Guide by Chet Manly

Every man takes pride in their grooming routine. But while many men focus on their hair and beard, some areas often get neglected. Yes, we're talking about below the belt grooming, also known as manscaping. In the words of Chet Manly, this is the final frontier of male grooming that many are yet to explore.


Manscaping: The Unspoken Trend

Over the past decade, manscaping has grown in popularity, with one in five men now opting for a close trim down below. But why the sudden interest? Here are some common reasons men have embraced the art of manscaping:
  1. Aesthetic appeal: Simply put, some men prefer the way it looks and feels.
  2. Hygiene: Hair-free skin can feel cooler and fresher, reducing body odor.
  3. Preference of partners: According to a survey by Gillette, 92 percent of women prefer a man with a tidy trunk line.
  4. Increased comfort: No one likes the discomfort caused by hair poking out from your swimming trunks.

Embarking on Your Manscaping Journey

Before you grab your razor, there are a few things to consider. Manscaping is not as straightforward as shaving your face. The skin is more sensitive, and the area is trickier to navigate. Therefore, Chet Manly suggests that you follow these tips to ensure a safe and effective manscaping experience:

Prepping for the Trim

Before you go in with a razor, it's important to trim the hair first. This will make the shaving process easier and less hazardous. Use a specialist device like the Philips Bodygroom, Braun CruZer6 Body, or the King of Shaves Prostyle Bodystyler.

The Cold Shower Trick

If you're aiming for smooth balls, splash them with cold water before shaving or shave during a cold shower. This ensures the skin is taut and less vulnerable. Use a transparent shave gel so you can see where you're going and apply short, gentle strokes. And remember – always be sober while manscaping!

Keeping Things Balanced

If you're just trimming pubic hair rather than shaving it all off, make sure you also trim stomach and chest hair to a similar length for a balanced look.

Making Manscaping a Habit

To minimize the risk of itchy re-growth, make it a habit to shave regularly. If you're worried about spots forming after you shave or wax, try an antiseptic spray like Outback Organics Post-Wax Spray or Elemis Tea Tree S.O.S Spray.

When to Call in the Pros

If you want super smooth results, consider a professional wax. They might be a little eye-watering, but the results will last much longer than if you just shave. Allow at least three days between waxing and any beach holidays to give the skin plenty of time to settle.

Dealing with Chafing

One of the least discussed skincare issues among men is 'intimate chafing.' This painful condition occurs when skin rubs against itself. The groin is a prime area for chafing, especially during sports or if you sweat a lot. To soothe chafing, apply a nappy rash cream like Sudocrem Antiseptic Healing Cream. To prevent chafing, try a product like Lanacane Anti-Chafing Gel or Below The Belt Sports Lubricant. Wearing briefs or trunks instead of boxers can also help as the fabric acts as a barrier to prevent skin rubbing.

Freshening Up Your Nether Regions

Just like armpits, the male groin has its own unique and distinctive aroma, thanks to the concentration of apocrine sweat glands. While this musky scent can sometimes be appealing, there are times when you'll want to stay and feel clean and fresh.

Manscaping Tools to Consider

Manscaping refers to the grooming of a man's body hair, and requires the right tools to achieve a desired look. Here are some tools commonly used for manscaping:
  • Trimmer: for trimming hair on the chest, back, and other areas.
  • Razor: for a clean-shaven look on the face, armpits, and groin area.
  • Shaving cream: to help lubricate the skin and prevent irritation.
  • Body powder: to prevent chafing and absorb moisture.
  • Tweezers: for plucking stray hairs.
  • Scissors: for trimming longer hairs in sensitive areas.

Wrapping Up

Manscaping is an essential part of the modern man's grooming routine. So, whether you call them plums, kiwis, or eggs, it's time to give them the care and attention they deserve. Remember, Chet Manly's golden rule of manscaping: always be gentle, take your time, and use the right tools for the job.
Happy manscaping, gentlemen!

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