Chet Manly Extreme Face Bundle

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Everything you need for an amazing face!

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Manly Face Cleanser - Best Face Wash for Men

Neither fear nor dirt is seen upon this face!

 Facial Soap for Today’s Man

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Manly Excelsior Exfoliant

Blackheads are rude and unwanted guests, remove them at once!

Deep cleans pores at a microscopic level

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Manly Sun Ray Protector & Moisturizing Cream

Withstand the might of the sun itself!

Year-round Sunblock & Moisturizer

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Manly Eye Cream

Eye Cream Of Manly Confidence! Baggy eyes are unsexy! Unswell them!

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Manly Face Vitamins

Restore youth the cells in your face directly!

Topically applied vitamin drops

Vitamin C, B, E and Ferulic Acid Serum

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Man up and really take care of your face!

Chet’s Extreme Face Bundle includes everything you need to keep looking damn handsome.


  • Manly Face Cleanser
  • Manly Excelsior Exfoliant
  • Manly Sun Ray Protector & Moisturizing Cream
  • Manly Eye Cream
  • Manly Face Vitamins

Same even more and put your face on autopilot with our convenient subscription options!


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