Who Is Chet Many?

No one really knows, but we have his diary, we have his notes, and we have his sense of adventure. Man up and take a ride.

While no one knows for sure who Chet Manly is or was, one thing is certain: he brought us natural skincare products that are making men around the globe look and feel their best. Whether from his travels and encounters around the world, or his experiments in his own lab, Chet knows exactly what it takes for a man to be a man.

The Art of Being a Civilized Beast

You are an animal. Such is mankind.

I say this most complimentary, for nature is majesty, and we are its royalty!

You are a sophisticate and a man of action like myself! Defined not just by your muscularity, but by your hearty character, straight and true! Stand with shoulders back and chin jutted, knowing the world is an adventure who’s map we shall not adhere to! Bah, we are true pioneers, exploring unknown lands, and in doing so, navigate the journey that is discovering one’s own courageous nature!

Fate is a wild river, and lesser men may find themselves dashed upon her rocks, but not us. Press on we shall, carrying on cleanly, no matter the challenge, and never a complaint will utter from our lips. Nattering like a woman is the least manly thing one can muster.

And we shall wake and sally forth into the day with what the Parisians call ‘style’! The man of tomorrow will be both masculine and pristine in his appearance, this I know. Nay, this I live!

Grooming is a footprint on our path of being civilized! From the mighty columns of the Parthenon to the hallowed halls of the Roman Empire’s Colosseum, greatness can also boast its beauty!

I, Chet Manly, am a work of art come to life! So be it for you as well, good sir! Certainly, tales of my exploits have been whispered in back alleys and palatial estates, and my striking appearance often bears mention. A man must always present himself as if he is a statue from Greek Mythology come to life, and walking amongst mortal men.

Allow me to impart words of wisdom, exotic formulations, and the very goods themselves, that I have gathered from my travels, and now use to maintain the perfection that is my manhood!

While I have visited cultures and societies on every continent, one maxim recurs: Look great, and you will not only feel great, others will know your greatness at one glance!

Now, stare into your shaving mirror, look upon yourself with pride and tenacious confidence, and roar! Howl like a wild bear, and show the populace, and yourself, that you are a civilized beast!

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